what we do

We exist to make passionate disciples of Jesus

Our focus is on young adults and we offer two intensive discipleship opportunities.

  • Live in gospel-centered community, understand with it means to be a disciple, grow in your love for Jesus, learn some valuable life skills, and go multiply the work God has done in you.

  • Lead in gospel-centered community, understand the demands & expectations of ministry, grow in your gifts & calling, learn some valuable ministry skills, and go serve the church and the world.

3 essentials of discipleship

In studying the Gospels we noticed 3 core areas that are the foundation to which we disciple.

bible What we stand on

Discipleship is all about becoming more like Jesus and helping others do the same. The Scriptures reveal to us the the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. At the core of disciple making is a teaching of the Bible in belief and practice. The study of scripture, the reading of scripture, the memorizing of scripture, and the teaching of scripture must be at the forefront of our lives. Our growth comes from the Holy Spirit impressing truth upon our hearts and minds. The more our lives are founded on and lived out of truth the more fullness of life we will experience and the more effective we will be. God’s Word is nourishment to our bones, food for our soul, it is sustaining and empowering. Our role as disciples is to recognize what the word of God is saying to us and rightfully respond in obedience. Truth reveals our blind spots and our weaknesses so that our mighty God may be glorified.

ministry how we interact with people

Every human interacts with people and as a disciple we are called to effective and productive ministry. We are to be lights in the world while being God's hands and feet in building His kingdom.  Understanding whose we are and how Christ's victory changes our identity we are able to powerfully bring love and truth into the lives of others.  That is what ministry is all about, bringing people to Jesus and helping them know and experience His power and presence.  Ministry, the God-centered interaction with people is an essential part of disciple-making.

character Who we are becoming

This is where many Christians stop. This is the hard part. No one likes to look in the mirror and see that nasty zit or those gray hairs starting to show. We don’t like to see our blemishes because they make us feel inadequate and insecure. We have bought into a lie that life is about us looking good,.  Life is about our heart being transformed and our mind being renewed so that our character begins to resemble & represent Christ. As believers we are to be conformed to the image of Christ; to look more like him, to act more like him, and to treat people like he did. It is not ok to tolerate sin in our lives. True discipleship allows one another to speak the truth of Scripture to one another while challenging them to repent from and fight sin. We need to allow a community to get close enough to see our blind spots. We need to invite others to speak into our lives even when it hurts.  Heart and character change must become a consistent part of our lives.