school of worship

school of worship

Hone your skills, deepen your understanding of music theory, grow in your ability to work with a team, and develop the heart of a worship leader.

community life

Students have the option to live in OTW housing and be part of the community or just be part of the school or worship.

teaching & development

The program consists weekly of:

6 hours of individual practice time

3 hours of group instruction

3 hours of live playing and practicing as a team

2 hours of team & leadership development

2 hours recording

1 hour of personalized instruction

Student classes will include music theory, practical band instruction, church worship, and will also receive lessons from our skilled teachers at our OTW music store.  Students will also be involved in leading worship at our weekly chapel services for OTW.

schedule & expectations

The school of worship requires 20 hours per week which includes Tuesday evenings, all day Thursday and additional practice time throughout the week.  For those that choose to live in OTW housing you will be involved in Tuesday classes at OTW as well.  The school of worship will run the same yearly schedule as OTW which starts at the beginning of September and ends in the middle of May.


$2,750 - This is the cost for a non-resident

$6,000 - This is the cost for a resident.  All residents will also participate in the OTW discipleship program while doing the school of worship.  They will be excused from the Thursday portion of the discipleship program to do the school of worship.


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